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29-Dec-2017 02:51

To Janie Rushing and all the people on here providing simple-minded advice about not having babies in the first place: I’m sure most people in this situation of dealing with child support issues didn’t plan for this to happen when they decided to have a baby with their ex.

Granted some did it out of wedlock, but what do you have to say for those who did the right thing and got married; looking for the house with the picket fence and 2.5 kids with a dog?

He was totally unconcerned and really couldn’t care less. I ended up in hospital after mixing anxiety pills with alcohol during an awful argument. When I came round there were guards who asked me if I wanted to see my husband and totally disoriented as I was I said no.

He didn’t even try to comfort me or show any remorse. I really wasn’t trying to commit suicide I just wanted him to stop and to get some sleep and for the pain to stop. Unknown to me at the time, he had my phone, and read my messages to a friend.

Too bad they were not as clairvoyant as you guys to say to their spouses, “I love you, but I will not have a child with you because in a couple of years we will get a divorce and I will end up owing you child support.” I pay 50 a month in child support for two kids from a previous marriage.

You can’t imagine the stress this has brought on me along with my apprehension of wanting to get into a relationship with anyone else.

You feel deceitful because without real life validation then it could all just be in your mind, I mean, they are such a nice person to everyone outside that perhaps you are too over sensitive or think too much. My friends also noticed how I wasn’t my usual self and was just on edge all the time. It’s only after leaving that you can be free to develop a much better life for yourself.

The problem is that the trauma of abuse causes brain fog, once the mist starts to lift then you start recalling events and seeing them for what they are. Reply Upon much research and studying my brother and I now know my mother is a narcissist, finally after years of knowing something was very wrong with her and living in a world of emotional torment we have validation.

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If she receives mail there, she is considered a resident and there is a long process involved in having her ‘evicted’, so to speak.

I’m afraid as to what he’ll do if I cut off contact with him.

Reply I’m so hurt i feel like crap i wasted eight years had three kids all by the narc I’m only 29 and he left me for someone else we we’re on n off and he always came back now he told me and had me and our kids under the impression we we’re working things out and he is with the new girl.

See 5 Reasons Why It’s Critical That You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner. These stories and experiences saving lives and may be saving mine right now.

You’ll live each day with tightness in your chest, a general feeling of sickness, and the […] Reply I have been in a very toxic relationship with a narcissist for about 2 years now. And I don’t know how to leave but my whole entire body is starting to ache from this abuse. I have my own home, I blocked him from Facebook, messenger and blocked his number in my phone, (but he has a cell emulator) and calls from anonymous numbers. Reply I was married to a narcissist for 9 years and we own property together.He also messaged my phone saying he didn’t know what was going on but he had been refused permission to see me and wanted me to see that he had been trying to call and message me even though he had my phone ie he confirmed that I’m messaging you this whilst I am holding your phone.

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