Validating a survey

24-Oct-2017 13:00

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Stress Audit Case Studies - Successful Stress Management At Work The stress audit can be classed as a form of specialised survey.

See our Business Activity Classification (BAC) - SIC Alternative document for a lighter, condensed alternative to the SIC.Alternatively, consult with an appropriate professional or trade body, e.g. If you would like to see the live application of several standardized survey classifications questions for individuals (Sex, Age, Country, Occupational Group), please take a look at any of the free tests published on our public test site Real Tests - the personal survey questions are asked at the end of each test, rather than at the beginning in order to help minimize the potential resistance of test-takers to completing the material.No alternative methods are in regular use for classifying sex other than: The convention is to add widowed, divorced, and separated together, and on surveys where the sample is small or the issue is not crucial, to combine this group with ‘single.’ This is because on most branded goods, their product purchasing behaviour is likely to be nearer to single than to married people.Question: ‘Roughly, how many people are employed at the place where you work?

’ ‘Place’ refers to the establishment (or the address) rather than the organization if the organization owns several different work places.

For each of eight dialect regions, 50 male and female speakers having a range of ages and educational backgrounds each read ten carefully chosen sentences.