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The Philippines is the largest English speaking country in Asia. English is pretty much understood by all however in the rural areas it is not as common as in the cities, either way communication is not as hard as you would have thought.

Most taxi drivers and shop assistants speak English.

Don’t for one instant think that a loan is to be paid back.

If you do lend money to a family member be assured from the start that you will not see the money again, it will be gone forever.

It's by no means an exhaustive list of the way to send money but will give you an idea and if you find a better way then please let us all know so we can share the information.

Tropical Weather Retirement to me means relaxing and enjoying life and what better way than in a tropical environment.

Can you live without these modern luxuries in your Philippines retirement?

Filipino Family One of hardest areas to manage is your extended family in the Philippines.

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In the Philippines, the Filipinos also try to grind out an existence with far fewer opportunities than you ever had, but they have one huge advantage, they go abut there life with a smile for you and anybody else, there friendship is a credit to them and an inspiration to me. If you thought communicating with Filipinos would be difficult, because you cannot speak Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, then think again.The highways are not like the motorways back home and fitting two cars into a lane is well… In a lot of areas mobile or cell phone coverage is far greater and reliable than land lines.Outside of the major cities high speed internet access is just not available.It is not unusual to have regular brown-outs, if it is a problem get yourself a generator.

Public transport leaves and arrives when it does, no use trying to understand why that’s just what happens.

The Filipino family unit is very close, much closer than western families and is reflected in their culture.

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