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24-Sep-2018 21:33

In june i was living in bliss, our marriage was never so good, end of june i say one wrong word to her friend and now am living in hell.I was going to go on a speed date as horoscope predicted a chance to find the true love of my live (or ex-girlfriend) but with 2 kids I hold dear and still having alot of feelings for my wife I did not go.To something that will protect your life in the upcoming month from becoming worse, or even something that will make it better.

I just hope we can get back to that place we were in june as i want to feel passion and being in love.... They're okay as friends, even a flat mate but never ever again will they be a the boyfriend or husband. I am now thinking of divorcing her as i seem to be wasting my time, energy and money on her but it's for the two boys I stay.

Guys, Don't know if people are taking it seriously, but trust me, it works. indeed i am a gemini too and for no reason it has been a struggle financially from the start with no support for our kids from parents and inlaws.

In Olivia's version, she captioned the photo: '#elocutionlessons #loonottoilet #gentlemen met this guy a few weeks ago. Think what you want #dontjudgeabookbyitscover.'She seemed to take a knowing dig at Lewis' Essex roots and alluded that they met in a gents bathroom.… continue reading »

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