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^."Roadless area conservation need riot affect recreational access to public lands,” he said. and a seven-inning all-alumni r e undeir the lights. R8VP to Rps^.' Wri^t(208) 436-6^$, or Tten^ Fei^ (2 08) 67 8-7^f .

"The Forest Service will not pit ^pe important public valbe ... way opener By Kevin Hall Tlme^Wows writer TWIN If ALLS - One of the largcst'Oponing Day fields in Magic Volley Speedway history got Idaho’s only NASCAR track off to 0 rousing start Saturday night.

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Residents olready hooked up to the c Uy's irrigation system would Ukdy not have to worry about hooking up to the woter coaipaiiy*6 line. Mail.taiea^AU Idsho raus: dally and Sunday 56.00 per week, dally ;on Iy 54.00 per week. Out of stale rates: dally and The Tlra^Ncws (UPS 631-080) Is pub- llthed daily at 132 Tijlrd Si. Huddv can be reocheef tn Twin Fa Os at 733-093Iy Ext 2S9 or bp c-mait at . She and some motorcycle' buffs, horseback riders and all- terrain 'vehicle users fear President’ Clinton’s initiative to ban development in roadless ' areas of national foresri will keep them from pursuing their pas- sions in the woods. Huddleston, Julie Stadclman, 61.25; third net • Cindy Byers,.

It could be a different story for people not hooked up to the d^ syst^. But residents would use smaller pipes than the - to S8-per-foot pipe developers would use. A- 513.00 charge will be levied for ill resumed checka. Environmentalists and'some' non-motorized rccreationists hope the president’s initiative - a nue-makmg process announced ' last fall - w^ do exactly that. ore advocating that these (road- less forests) be closed to all-ter- rain vehicles,” she said. executive director of the Backcountry Skiers Alliance, couldn't agree more. I fi J, • I Ine L\Ssit2&:7Z9«5s A^ — t hnp:/^cva IIcycom fix the litc« on «. Bonnie Mc Call, Colleen Florkc, Colleen Brown, 61.50; fourth net • Carolyn Sottcrfic Id, Barbara Short, Carol Cunningham, Kim Jones.

Most Water company representa- idyes and dty leaders will meet soon pvhich have not yet been otlculac- ,ed. and other areas .733-0931 Sunday S7.00 per week, dilly only'^. Mail information Subscription rates Home delivery: dally and Sunday. ; -Mail subscriptions must be paid In advance j available only. They are people like Mary Margaret Sloan, president of the American Hiking Society in Silver Spring, Md., who relishes . She contends that all-terrain vehicles are noisy, degrade the environment, harm wildlife and even endanger other people in . "1 vrauld not be unhappy if the roadless'inidadve limited - snowmobile access to certain .areas,” Hedberg said. ior ^|5 odak Film or Camera 3 1 Multi Pack 200 Speed Film or 27 Exposure One Time Use Camera I ivith Flesh Tiesh Vabies Price Rdiahce and Shm Energy. f •Probo sk et b a B • •Piofioif •Pioroatbo D ' • Idaho cs Uqpqxxo •Plbboscball . jrs notlop Jate_to Jqln_ Oasis Best Ball field TWIN FALLS - Some spots remain for next weekend’s Oasis Two-person Best Ball golf touma- ' ment at Canyon Springs and the Jerome Country Gub golf courses. Individual or four-member teams can join by calling league officers Marsha at 678-1369.

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