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Brandon won the "Performer of the Year" at the 2001 Gay VN Awards and tied for that same award in 2002 with Colton Ford.At the 2002 Adult Erotic Video Awards ("The Grabbys"), he was named, with Chad Hunt, as "Best Performers".Some will be considered all time most popular porn stars others will fade into the sunset. Besides, they never cared for school much and being a farm hand involves work. It's a short leap from porn star to sex worker, and the money seems so good! They don't have to fuck anybody that's fat or gross.And the johns, who love them so much and know every clip they've ever been pounded in, give them cool gifts and take them places. And they're not quite as hot as the next group of cornfeds that just got off the bus. So it might take some drugs to make having sex with the gross and the fat passable. Especially when they have a standing appointment at the tattoo artist's and drug dealer's.

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He has engaged in what appeared to be a very busy escorting career that was documented on his website and on an online escort review site (Daddysreviews.com).

Brandon was added to the "Grabby Wall of Fame" in 2003-2007- -DR Best of Max Grand-All Worlds- -2009- -DRO Best of Michael Brandon-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000- -D Beyond Adorable-Luxxxor Pictures- -2000- -DRO Bi Virgins-Leisure Time Entertainment- -2001- -DR Big Time Excitement-West Hollywood--2001- -O Biggest Dick in Town: Well Hung-Video 10- -2004- -DRO Black Jacks 2-Stallion Video- -1995- - Blow Me 2-Paladin Video- -2002-1-DO Blow Me: Part One-MSR Releasing- -2001- -DR Blow Me: Part Two-MSR Releasing- -2001- -DR Blow Your Own Horn-Vivid- -1989- - Boner's Manual-BIC Productions- -2002- -D Boy, Oh Boy-Video 10--1988- -DRO Boys, Boys, Boys-First Class Male- -1989- -DO Breakfast Club-Vivid- -1999- - Brig Brats-Regiment Productions- -2000-1-DRO Brittany's Transformation-Evolution Erotica- -2008-2-DRO Butt In-Falcon--2003- - Butt Out-Hot Hand Productions- -2003- - Cadet Convoy-Regiment Productions- -2005- -DRO Campus Capers-Regiment Productions- -2000- -DRO Closed Set: The New Crew-MSR Releasing- -2002- -DRO Coat Your Throat-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR Cockpit: Everybody's Going Down-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000- -DRO Cocks On The Rocks Gang Bang-Renegade- -2002- -DRO Come And Get It-Hollywood Sales--2000- -DRO Every Inch Counts-Blade Productions- -2000- -DRO Felt-Vivid Man- -2001- - Fist My Gaping Hole-Raging Stallion- -2011- - Fistpack 1: Chris Ward's Extreme Penetration-Raging Stallion- -2002- -DR Fistpack 3: Up For Grabs-Raging Stallion- -2004- -DR Fistpack 4: Nutts for Butts-Raging Stallion- -2005- -DR Gang Bang Café-Odyssey Men--2001- -O Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow-Stylus- -2001- -DRO Hairy Boyz 2-Raging Stallion- -2004- -DR Hairy Boyz 6-Raging Stallion- -2006- -DR Hairy Boyz 8-Raging Stallion- -2007- -DR Hairy Tales-US Male- -2002- -DRO Hard at Work-Raging Stallion- -2003- -DRO Hard Eight-Mane Man Productions- -2000- -O Hardons For Police-Uniform X- - - - Harley Does The Strip-Catalina Video Distributors- -2000- -DRO Heat of the Moment-Channel 1 Releasing (Global Warming)- -2005- -DRO Hot Fucks 3-Raging Stallion- -2014- -D Huge Fucking Cocks-Power Entertainment- -2002- -DRO Humongous Cocks-Raging Stallion--2009- -DR Humongous Cocks 23-Raging Stallion- -2014- -D Humongous Cocks 3-Raging Stallion- -2009- -DR Humongous Cocks 4-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR Humongous Cocks 5-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR Humongous Cocks 6-Raging Stallion- -2010- -DR Hunk For Hire-Catalina Video Distributors- -1999- -DRO Hustlers Club-Oh Man!