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09-Jan-2018 15:13

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I’m inclined to believe him, because he’s a very direct and sometimes brutally honest person.I’ve never made any romantic overtures toward Chris, nor he to me.You do not have to confine yourself to only building work relationships with people of your same sex — and imagine how constricting and bad for women’s networking and mentoring and general advancement it would be if you did.And no, it is not inappropriate to occasionally text your supervisor when he’s given you his number for that express purpose.I’m uncomfortable with your focus on my conversations with people who happen to be men, and I’m asking you to stop.” If that feels too direct given the power dynamics, you could soften it to something like: “I appreciate that you’re giving me input that you think will be helpful, but I’m not comfortable having my conversations with coworkers monitored in this way.If you have concerns about my work, I of course want to hear them, but I really don’t want to discuss these sorts of interactions.To be clear, it is possible to be overly chatty or inappropriately flirty at work.But there’s nothing here that indicates that you’re doing that.

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I’m going to manage my interactions myself and I’m not seeking your input about it.” But since she has some authority over you, you probably need to soften the language slightly — but not the message itself, which can still be very direct.He seemed confused — he’d never said anything to Brenda.

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