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Have you ever tried to make a great first impression but completely messed it up?


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Do you make first impressions based on what people wear?Choose what I call a “useful” attitude – upbeat, welcoming, enthusiastic, etc. That means making eye contact, if only for a couple of seconds – this unconsciously signals that trust is in the air. Practice saying the word “great” over and over in a mirror using crazy voices until you feel like a giant idiot or you crack up – then say it under your breath to yourself as you approach people. The best way to start a conversation is with a statement followed by an open question. When we feel good about ourselves it affects everything.Just notice the person’s eye color – that’ll do it. I guarantee you’ll be smiling.) A smile sends a signal that you’re happy and confident. We make better decisions, feel more adventurous, have more energy, and tap into our natural enthusiasm, all of which impacts the nonverbal signals we send out to others.The first thing someone notices about you is the quality and the level of energy you give out. Your attitude tells people if you are open or closed, charming or alarming.

Your posture is an indication of your overall health: humans are hard-wired to seek out healthy mates. It tells people what kind of person you see yourself as.Perhaps a drink in an exclusive guest lounge, followed by a romantic dinner, then a film screening with champagne and popcorn.

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