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PART OF A HEALTHY MEMETIC LIFESTYLE""*random* PIT used HIYAYAYA!! "" Perfectly cleaning the room is like trying to get a Cascoon to jump over a fence - it's nigh-impossible.

At least the Cascoon doesn't have to worry about stalkers that...

i think it sounds more hip""im thinking what if sharks were magnetic u got a lil hammerhead with alphabet fridge magnets on his head that say "helo im shork"""[gently raining outside] me: hey maybe school wwill be canceled tomorrow""hhey guys, just went driving with my sisterr and like 16 cars honmked at us and i taste blood please pray for me""also theres some pokemon whos like fire and water type?????????????

and its legendary and i want it its called volcano onion ring or something like this is so wild i love pokemon i lov e""BABYS FIRST SHINY ITS A HOUNDOUR AND I NAMED HIM STVICIOUS HE IS MY PRECIOUS""my favorite villager is fang he gives me things and hes nice and if that makes me a furry then i guess im a furry""I HATE IT WHEN I TAKE PILLS AND THEY GET STUCK BETWEEN MY TONGUE AND THE BOTTOM OF MY MOUTH IN LIKE THIS UNREACHABLE CAVITY AND I CAN'T DIG IT OUT SO I JUST HAVE TO SIT THERE AND TASTE THE PILL DISINTEGRATE AND IT TASTES AWFUL""this sounds Lame-O but i hope i can like make a difference in peoples lives someday like, idk, how am i supposed to do that if i cant even get my own life straight""im so done i just unscrewed a bottle of carolina barbecue sauce and guzzled it down. that was a confused noise i made i even said it out loud to test it""WHEN YA FEELIN SICK AND YA LOOK UP YR SYMPTOMS LIKE A DUMMY AND THEN YA REGRET IT WOOOO WEEEE""ugh......... makes my tiddies sweat""do you ever just come across a person who seems like a character in a movie""I looked in my notebook apparently I wrote an idea down last night and all it says "food""What would you like me to do, Katie?

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--------------------------------apsathings--------------------------------"XDDDDDDDDDDDDD LISTENING TO MY NAMESAKE KATY PERRY MAKES ME HAPPY. "" *eats the fruitcake/spits out the fruit*""uhhhh" ... "vvvaccum""Twill: I'm sober now ""* Akwardphobicsmileyabsol revives Twill and eats a hot dog with mustard at the same time""* Akwardphobicsmileyabsol eats half the Twill pikmin ...8DDD""NO NOT THE TRUCK PLEASE HAVE MERCY ;^;""When you mention her, it feels like she dissapears or she's things o^o"" what is you talk about""THEN GET A TWILL NOM, IT'S MANDATORY : U"" "Hi! "" My god about half of you will be dead by the end of the year.""I loves my stalker~ "...

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