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27-Nov-2017 20:18

The issue, it seemed, was that this dress gave away too much of me: It would show the guy coming in through that door that this was kind of how I looked on the inside. I wasn't seeing how much I could bring to the table and, instead, I was worrying that what I brought wouldn't be accepted.I'm a little eccentric, a little loud, and have a penchant for looking for treasures in places many people don't tend to look. I needed time to regroup and rediscover what I liked about myself, and how much value those pieces of me actually had.So, to get the most out of your Dating Sabbatical, consider planning some of these activities: We primp and preen for dates, why not for ourselves?You could do the usual things, like working out and eating better, but take a deeper dive and see what your body wants.While at home and dabbing on my perfume behind my ears, I felt like this dress was made for me... As I walked into the bar and noticed — with great relief — that my date wasn't there yet, I went over to a table and tried to situate myself. I still remember my face when I found it in the thrift store and how I couldn't help but spin around in the dressing room like I was Maria in the Alps, loving the way the skirt snapped and fluttered around my ankles. The decision wasn't dramatic; it came quietly and was obvious.

Which is why I had a moment of perplexity when I found myself stopped at the corner of a crosswalk and feeling the beginning of nerves prickle. But as I waited for the light to turn green and let me cross the street, I felt the first licks of panic... Why, I thought, did I pick this dress of all things?

Although I started my sabbatical out of frustration and annoyance, I learned more than I ever expected: I love my own company. It takes effort to fall in love with yourself in a way that requires no outside validation.

(After all, men can be extremely needy.) All of the newfound mental space I cleared up during my break gave me a fresh outlook on life, more time to spend doing what I needed, and clarity about what I actually wanted to get out of dating, whenever I chose to start again.

It was a floor-length number with a heavy skirt — a skirt that liked to pick up the wind all dramatic-like and bring a blush to my cheeks. I was supposed to be this girl who has no qualms about wearing controversial mom jeans or slightly pretentious berets, yet here I was debating whether I should go to the bathroom to shove the giant bow into the trash to save the situation.

It was vaguely reminiscent of a Grace Kelly outfit; one she'd wear if she was picnicking in an orchard underneath an olive tree or something like that. " I asked myself while breaking out into a cold sweat. As I worried while shuffling and reshuffling the napkins on my table, I tried to figure out what exactly triggered this emotional spiral. But one thing was for sure: That dress was 100 percent me.When my date walked in through the door, I was still nervous. And after eating that big ass pretzel the size of a first grader, I still felt certain I might not be what he was expecting or hoping for. After that date, I was going to take the time necessary to remember that I'm what I was expecting and hoping for.

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