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03-Nov-2017 21:04

Virginia Miller is one of San Francisco's most prolific food writers, with countless reviews and columns racked up for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, plus various articles for major US food sites Grub Street and Eater.

Constantly on the move, she provides readers with a regular newsletter, featuring all her latest finds – not just within her hometown, but also further afield. Useful post The neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood food guides Heather Cummings started this drinks and cocktails blog because she heard San Francisco had more bars per capita than any other US city.

Shopikon is not strictly a San Francisco blog: it also covers six other shopping hubs (London, New York, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin and Paris).

But it's got great insider knowledge, an attractive design and an interesting ethos, which all add up to make it well worth a visit.

If you enjoy a good quick-fix list when planning a trip, don't miss the page that collates the best of its "best of" articles: the best bars with an outdoor oasis, the best bike rides, the best bloody marys etc.

Check out the company's other useful offshoots across the world, including Austinist, Shanghaiist and Torontoist.

Sometimes posts are a simple as Flickr pic of a brunch spot, such as Boogaloos, but that can be all you need to whet your appetite (although the first person to leave a comment seems not to agree).

Yes, there are plenty of hip hangouts in this part of town, but when Mission Mission tags its posts as "Being cool", it surely has its tongue in its cheek.

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To avoid dealing with long-distance shipping, take advantage of "pick-up Thursday" and swing by their office to collect your purchase.

Useful post Don't miss the contributions from the so-called chief of cheap Broke Ass Stuart, who also has a notable blog of his own (, for those on meagre budgets in San Francisco (and New York).