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Stepping out of his starry shadow, the brunette showcased his genuine sense of style when he donned a tailored jacket with an intricate fuchsia pink design.

The Die Another Day hunk and the American journalist Keely Shaye Smith's son graced the glossy magazine cover of Vanity Teen in the November edition.

This has highlighted not only the A303 Stonehenge Consultation, but the importance of British Archaeology in general to a wide and diverse audience.

2002 ‘Inscribed Roman milestone’, in Davies 2002, 87–89, with Pl.

We are very happy to report that our Stonehenge Special report is getting some major coverage in the media.

collections of Sunderland Bishopwearmouth Cotton, R.

‘Lincoln MS.’, included in material stored with the VCH Committee. ‘Lincoln 1908 MS.’, compiled 1908-9; stored with the VCH Committee. iii, in 2 parts, Berlin, 1873-1902 (pars I, Inscriptiones Aegypti et Asiae. Inscriptionum Illyrici partes I-V (1873), II, Inscriptionum Illyrici partes VI.