After dating divorces multiple

13-Oct-2017 20:15

How in the world can you sit there and judge someone based on the amount of times they've been divorced.Let's not forget there are two sides to every coin.I then met my first husband who was the most romantic, sweetest, thoughful man I had ever met. (Just my thoughts on the subject...)Let's say for sake of saying that you had been married 4 times.Right after we got married he started to change, he never hit me, or abused me, but just ignored me for close to six years all the while telling me I was the best thing to happen to him, he loved me more than anyone in the world, etc., while his ignoring me showed me differently, I believed him and loved him. You divorced the first one because he was physically abusive.I lived with a man for 2 years who had been divorced 3 times. I know better now, there's a reason for anyone being divorced numerous times, and it's not always the other person's fault, as the much-divorced person would usually have you believe.I can see someone being divorced once or even twice, but after that, I would be more then a little leery.In fact, if people took more time before marrying anyone, maybe the divorce rates would go down.

How would you appreciate being judged based on having 2,3,4 or even 5 relationships that just didn't work out ?? I guess if you set back and look at the whole picture, how long did they last after being married, who filed who left and what reason was it.I am also leary of someone who has been in serveral mini relationships... who can you really give your heart too these days...????? If and when I get married, I want it to be a situation where both people are willing to commit to each other, and are fairly certain the other person is the one they want to spend their life with. You divorced the fourth one because he was arrested for selling crack to kids and went to prison.