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The mendicants, unlike the monks, were not bound by a votum stabilatis ( vow of permanancy) to one convent but enjoyed considerable liberty.

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The opposition to the mendicants was particularly strong at the University of Paris, and in France generally, less violent at the University of Oxford and in England. Although this Bull speaks in a general way and is addressed to different countries the abuses enumerated by it were probably of local character.Mendicant Friars are members of those religious orders which, originally, by vow of poverty renounced all proprietorship not only individually but also (and in this differing from the monks ) in common, relying for support on their own work and on the charity of the faithful. There remain from the Middle Ages four great mendicant orders, recognized as such by the Second Council of Lyons, 1274, Sess. iii) granted all the mendicant orders, except the Friars Minor and the Capuchins, the liberty of corporate possession (see FRIAR).